February 3, 2008

CrossConcept 0.4.7

CrossConcept has updated to version 0.4.7:

November 12, 2007

CrossConcept 0.4.5

CrossConcept is designed to support your intellectual and emotional activities. Using CrossConcept, you can externalize your concept operations that you may perform in your brains.

CrossConcept overview

In the model of CrossConcept, a concept is simply represented as a list of items. And in this model, operations of using concepts, developing concepts and communicating those concepts are represented as operations of lists and tables.

CrossConcept's functions are simple as follows:

  • create lists
  • select one, two or three list(s) and arrange them as axes of a table
  • input contents into the cells of the table
  • revise the lists
  • get and put lists in XHTML formats from and to web pages through the clipboard.

And with these functions, you can:

  • describe a concept as a set of some elements, e.g. a list consists of some items.
  • confront the concept with other concepts which are also described as lists, i.e. as axes of a table.
  • consider the relatioinship between the two concepts from these concepts
  • revise the concepts by considering the relationship with other concepts
  • get concepts from the Web and put new or revised concepts to the Web

This is the first release of the multi-language version of CrossConcept.

  • Title:CrossConcept 0.4.5
  • Start Date and Time:2007-10-31 23:00
  • Description:The first release of the multi-language version of CrossConcept.

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October 21, 2006

Syndy updated to ver.


Syndy has been updated to version

Date and Time:

2006-10-21 14:30


Syndy supports links to OPML files outside: represented by the value link of the type attribute.

This may bring distributed OPML directories. I'll write about this later.

OPML type node has an icon from "OPML Icon Project" and is a link to the refered OPML document. Selecting OPML node in the left-top pane, you can choose whether to load the OPML document in the displayed window or to load it into a new window.

OPML type of node has an icon from the " OPML Icon Project" and link type choice is displayed in the right pane

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October 9, 2006

Syndy Feed Calendar 0.7.3

Syndy Feed Calendar lets you access event informations in a calendar view.

It derives event information from entry documents included in a Atom's feed document and displays them in a monthly calendar. Each event is marked up with hCalendar and embeded in a content element of an entry document, while "hCalendar via RSS XVCD" derives each event information from an XHTML page which are linked from an entry document.

<feed xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom">
    <content type="xhtml">
      <div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
        <div class="vevent">
          <span class="summary">International Medical Writing Workshop</span>


Open OPML file or an Atom feed document, put cursor in the right hand pane and change vocabulary component to "Syndy Feed Calendar".

You can apply it to a single feed and a group of feeds:

  • apply to a single feed:
  • apply to a goup of feeds:

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September 18, 2006

Syndy 0.7

Syndy is a feed application launcher with OPML, and OPML editor. You can apply applications (vocabulary components on xfy) to a group of RSS/Atom feeds and XHTML documents.

Latest release is Syndy 0.7 (zip archive), requires xfy Basic Edition 1.3 for Windows or for other platforms, release note is here.

You can try some feed applications:

screen shots:

feed calendar

business report

slide show
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Hello, world!

Topics on XHTML and RSS/Atom feeds.
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